We offer a huge variety of activities which are aimed at giving children and young people a chance to explore and grow in a safe relaxed environment.

Each night is filled with a good mix of sports, arts, computers, food and social development. We focus on ensuring everyone is actively involved in activities whilst allowing the freedom to mingle in the sessions free time. This is when young people can also purchase an array of sweets and treats from our tucks shop.

 I am pleased to say I have now completed my abseil down the Spinnaker Tower. It was scary but fun and I was so pleased that I got to do this for the great youth club. The young people were so happy and proud of me. It made it all worth while, I would like to say a big big thank you to everyone who sponsored me. It will be a massive help to the great young people. I am very pleased to announce that we raised nearly £600 so that's great whoop. We will be able to buy sports equipment, board games and other things so a big thank you to everyone.