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Maybridge Keystone Centre cordially invited to attend the following event.
Annual General Meeting
Maybridge Keystone Club 2019.
Wednesday 24th July 7.00pm for 7.15pm
At the Maybridge Keystone Centre, Rayleigh Way.

There will be homemade pizza and a chance to view the recent developements within the Welcome Woodland Garden. There will also be an chance to hear what has been happening at the centre over the last year and plans for the future.


Maybridge Keystone Centre AGM

Tuesday 31st July 2018 7pm - 10pm

Everyone is cordially invited to see progress at the Maybridge Keystone Centre. Find out what been happening and plans for the future.


Changing Chalk Project

National Trust is conducting a research project to investigate why the chalk grassland (i.e. The South Downs) isn't readily accessed by those: living in deprived areas, those with low educational achivement, mental health issues or other forms of disability and the black and ethic minority communities.  The National Trust is aware that these groups are under represented in accessing this wonderful natural resource on our door-stop and would like work to break down any barriers and enable under-represented groups to make more use of this beautiful area.

They are developing a Heritage Lottery bid to work on linking these communities to the South Downs with a target area from Worthing to Eastbourne.

As part of this they are collecting evidence through a simple and quick on-line form.  The survey will finish on Friday 25th May:


A discussion group is also being held at Maybridge Keystone Centre in Worthing on Tuesday 22nd May