Maybridge Keystone Club, formerly Maybridge Boys Club was started in 1957 with funds from Worthing Boys Club and the local Rotarians. They built a concrete section 'Remer' building with a wooden barrelled roof, that had life expectancy of 25 years. In 2000, the management committee embarked on raising funds for  a new building and put together a Lottery Bid, in partnership with two other group, which unforunately failed.
The council could see the need in our area for this kind of facility in Maybridge, that they asked us to put forward a scheme that could be delivered within budget that they were holding.

We put together a project to build a new sports hall adjacent to the existing premises, with the aim to raise funds to enable us to renovate the old building. Whilst trying to bring this project within budget, we were made aware of government's 'Community Assets Fund' that was for renovation projects on Council properties that enables Community groups to take them over on a long lease.

This new version of the project took just under six years from conception to completion.